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We produce documentaries that focus on social issues, health, human rights, and children, and provide hands-on support for your Awards campaign in the Best International Feature and Best Documentary categories.

Who We Are

Documentaries | Awards Campaign | Creative Development

About Sakae International

Sakae International was founded by Juliana Sakae, a publicist-producer who worked in Los Angeles as a film producer from 2012 through 2020, and specialized in awards campaigns in the recent years after managing the competition that leads to the International Documentary Association Awards (IDA Awards). Sakae is the Artists Programs Manager of BGDM, a 5,000+ US-based group of BIPOC filmmakers. Her latest participations in campaigns include Walk Run Cha Cha (New York Times), The Edge of Democracy (Netflix), Babenco - Tell Me When I Die (Globo Filmes/HB Filmes) and Deserto Particular (Grafo)

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